Pixsweet Testimonials

“Pixsweet is one of the coolest companies with which I've ever had the pleasure of working. They participated in our Dress Code (CS+fashion) event at Google as exhibitors and helped us prove to 250+ students that computer science is more than just typing away at a computer all day. It can be used for coding a drone that delivers delicious 3D-printed, Google-branded ice pops! I would order from Pixsweet again in a heartbeat. They're professional, responsive, fun, and sweet!”

Daraiha Greene, Head of Multicultural Engagement, Google CS in Media

“When was the last time you saw an ice pop with artistic potential? Food tech start-up, Pixsweet, is taking on that challenge…"

Andrew Bui, Tasting Table

“Janne Kyttanen recently hosted an experiential night at LECLAIREUR Los Angeles, in the form of a spirited cocktail party. Unexpected cocktails and Pixsweet’s 3D-casted ice pops, guests were invited to let their senses be tricked, and their expectations toyed with.”


“Pixsweet is doing something out of the box and totally original. The pops that we ordered were such a hit that we couldn’t keep up with the demand and needed to restock much more rapidly than anticipated. Attendees were raving about the flavor combinations and fun designs which generated lots of buzz and created great shareable moments. We noticed quite a few popsicle posts across all social feeds post-event.”

Amy Beerup, Producer for Pop2Life, A brand experience agency that goes beyond

“The custom branded Pixsweet POPtails completely elevated our event this summer. The Pixsweet team is an absolute pleasure to work with and the POPtails were a huge hit. Not only did they pair perfectly with our craft cocktails, but they are DELICIOUS! I highly recommend Pixsweet and we will definitely be partnering again in the future”

Noriko Roy, NK Agency