Imagine presenting your message with a custom 3D ice pop. Next level communication. 

The Concept

Using patented 3D thermoinjection technology (3DTI) for production as well as an online search function, Pixsweet enables you to turn any shape you want into a frozen treat.


While our dreams and goals for our brand are endless, Pixsweet currently mass produces custom 3D ice pops on demand at the rate of 1.3 pops per second, empowering you to create what is important to you or your brand. Whether you are looking for something for a corporate event or a way to wow guests with an Instagram food experience, Pixsweet will bring your wish to life!

The Product

100% natural, vegan and gluten free, Pixsweet ice pops are made with real fruit, vegetables and natural ingredients and are currently available in several flavors. Our ice pops are a tasty, refreshing treat to be eaten but also can be used as POPtails. We are convinced that flavored ice is the future and will become “normal” before we know it. Why water down a wonderful cocktail if you can add a twist of flavor with ice cubes. Imagine a gin and tonic with a splash of strawberry (ice cubes) or even a sparkling water with a crisp green apple flavor burst (ice cubes).

The Experience

There is always a reason to create Pixsweet 3D ice pops and there is literally no age limit! Everyone can search, create, share and taste what matters to them. We’re creating a unique food movement of empowerment and self-expression. Don't forget to snap a photo and share your pops with the world. Pixsweet has a package that includes our ice pop carts or backpacks, but you can also use your own team and we will guide you on different set up options to ensure that your event is successful.

3D printing in the food industry

Pixsweet is the result of 3D pioneer Janne Kyttanen’s frustration with the lack of scalability and speed in the 3D printing industry. After a multi-decade career in design for 3D printing Kyttanen has created a production process that is the first fully scalable use of 3D printing for mass customization.
The future is wide open for applications of 3D printing. The innovations constantly surpass the expectations of the consumer in this day and age. Time will tell as to how quickly consumers adapt. Pixsweet is paving the way.

Wholesale and Bulk orders

We're currently testing food and non-food applications of our technology at our LA production facility. Are you interested in working with our technology?

We'd love to hear from you:

What matters to pixsweet?

We believe in empowerment and self expression. Though our revolutionary 3D food platform, you can search, create, taste and share what matters to you!
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